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Time for reflection

· Coaching,New Year,life goals

The start of the New Year is the perfect time to make a balance of the year: what are the things we did well and what areas in our lives we can improve.

This 15 min exercise is perfect to quickly assess how you are doing in each important area in your life and from there you can set up goals and priorities for the next year. This is part of a coaching exercise called the "wheel of life".

Try to analyze for yourself how you are doing in all areas and if there is any room for improvement!

HEALTH What are you doing to improve your health and well-being? How often are you moving your body? What are you eating? How is your sleep quality? This area also includes your mental health and stress levels.

CAREER How are you improving your career? Are you happy with your work? What steps are you taking towards a great work-life balance?

SOCIAL LIFE (Friends & Family)  What are you doing to strengthen your relationships with friends and family? How are you supporting them, and how are they supporting you? Are there any toxic relationships in your life you need to get rid of? How are you taking charge to make things better?

HOME Do you keep your home clean, neat, and orderly…or is it chaotic, messy, and unsanitary? How are your relationships with those you live with? Can they be improved? How do you feel at home?

RELATIONSHIPS Are you happy in your romantic relationships? Are you being yourself? What are the things you miss or cherish? What do you think about the routine?

YOUR "YOU" ZONE What are you doing for fun? Are you actively, frequently, and consistently seeking things to free your mind and unwind? Do you allow yourself time for yourself?

GROWTH What are you doing to learn, grow, and push yourself out of your comfort zone? What are there topics you’d like to know more about? Maybe you want to take a photography course or do a yoga class once a week...

SPIRITUALITY Do you know who you are? Your identity /what you want? What are your values?

What have your learnt from this exercise? Is there something that surprised you? What are the areas you want to focus during this year?


I wish you an amazing year full of adventures, learning and fun!

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