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5 things no one tells you about being an entrepreneur

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What comes to mind when you think about an entrepreneur or a startup?

I use to have this image of happy & fulfilled teams with an amazing lifestyle (remote working on a beach, super cool coworkings & unlimited flexibility to go to a Yoga class at 11am).

But since I have become an entrepreneur myself, I have to admit that the reality is quite more complex (and less attractive)!

Here are 5 things that might surprise you about entrepreneurship:

#1 Be ready for a rollercoaster of emotions

Putting yourself out there is scary. What will people think? What if I fail? Am I doing things good enough? Being an entrepreneur means that you have to learn how to manage a broad range of emotions in a daily basis.

Yep, in one single day you can go from on a high because you got a new client to feeling frustrated because you got 10 unfollows on your Instagram account (or feeling anxious about a meeting with a potential investor!)

#2 Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey

The first stages of entrepreneurship are usually quite solitary even when you have a co-founder. You spend a ridiculous amount of hours developing the idea and figuring out how to market your product or service. This time is usually spent at home with the sole company of your Mac. Even if you are active on Facebook communities & go to networking events, entrepreneurship is still lonely most of the time.

I guess things get better when you start building your team or invest in a coworking desk but the beginnings are for sure quite lonely.

#3 Finding your health balance is tricky

If you find it hard to disconnect from work when you get home, imagine when it’s your own business. Even though you are probably exhausted, falling asleep can take a while as you review your day’s work and keep adding things on your Iphone’s notes.

Lack of good quality sleep, excess of caffeine, nervous snacks and pushing at the end of the list your gym time doesn’t equal good health right?

Have I mentioned that excess stress and too much adrenaline contributes to digestive problems? Yep, entrepreneurship can definitely take a toll on your health.

#4 Income can be sporadic & inconsistent

When you work for others you know that every month you will get the same income. But entrepreneurship is not for risk averse individuals. You quickly learn to think twice before spending money and the value of having an emergency fund.

It takes time to build a steady customer base and factor seasonal fluctuations. Your revenues & costs will vary every month and it takes some time to getting use to this new way of living.

#5 You will learn so much

Early stage entrepreneurs start by doing everything themselves. Accounting? Yes I can!! (with Quickbooks) Writing blog posts? Bien sure! Cycling around the city to deliver the orders myself? Best customer service! Building your own website with SquareSpace? It’s actually super easy!

And the list goes on…. Entrepreneurs are super resourceful and will learn so many valuable business skills.

I hope this article helps wantpreneurs get a more real picture about entrepreneurship.

If you are already an entrepreneur I would love to know what you think. Did I miss any? Do you agree or disagree?

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